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Summer Research Assemblies for Educational Professionals


写真 Pre-education professionals share the importance of public kindergarten which play inevitable role as safety net for unpriviledge family as first access to quality education.

写真 Nursery Teachers bring their researches and exchange views for quality education.

There are many kinds of educational professionals in schools. They work together for quality education.
Japan Teachers’ Union annually holds various assemblies for them.
The participants share and discuss educational practices and exchange views.

Summer Research Assembly for Pre-Education Professionals was held in July 22-23 in Osaka.
The participants discussed the significance of quality pre-school education. It is important for children to learn through play and life with peers.
They shared the importance of public kindergarten which play inevitable role as safety net for unpriviledge family as first access to quality education.
But the work of pre-school professionals are often underestimated.
JTU broadly shares their reality and advocates to improve the working condition for the professionals.

Research Assembly for Special Needs Education Dormitory Teachers was held in August 5-6 in Tokyo.
They are not legally defined as ‘teachers’ but they ‘teach life guidance’ according to School Education Law.
There are more and more children who need to stay in dormitory because of welfare issues.
To ensure safe and comfortable dormitory life, it is necessary to hire enough dormitory teachers.

School administrators gathered at National School Administration Research Assembly on July 29-30 in Ibaraki.
They were in fact engaged in school business but it was only this year the function was amended as ‘they administer school business.’
That is the fruit of JTU’s advocacy.

Nursery Teachers Research Aeembly was held on July 28-30 in Gunma.
At the plenary the participants looked back history of Hansen disease.
Unfortunately, the teachers partly committed the segregation policy against the patients.
They learned the lesson and understood the significnace to research.

JTU has non-clerical workers devision, who do maintenance of school facilities, cook school lunch, teach during at-sea classes and others.
The professionals tend to be outsourced though they are members of school professionals for quality education.
They held National Non-clerical Research Assembly on August 5-6 in Tokyo and exchanged the successful practices to advocate the importance of the professionals.

Nutrition Teachers/Staff Research Assembly was held on July 28-29 in Tokyo.
They ensure safe and secure school lunches and teach food and nutrition education.
At the assembly, they learned on what whey need to be care about foods and invisible food additives.
In Japan, more and more municipalities build school luch cooking plants instead of cooking at each school.
JTU urges those municipalities to increase the numbers of nutrition teachers/staff.

‘Practice teacher’ is legally defined as ‘practice assistant’ but they work as teachers and have tasks more than assisstants.
JTU has pointed out the reality and pursued to develop ‘practice teacher.’
National Assembly for Practice Teacers was held on July 29-30 in Tokyo.
They exchenged views with Mr Nataniya, Diet member, to imporove the working conditions.

On August 5-6 in Tokyo, JTU held National Assembly for School Librarians.
They seeked for what they could do for quality education and try to make school libraries diverse.
School libraries are very important, but the majority of school librarians are non-regular.
JTU demands to hire enough regular librarians for quality education.