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Unions have the Power of Unity!




The 113th Extraordinary Conference of the Japan Teachers Union was held on 14th March 2024.


Prior to the conference, a moment of silence was held to express our condolences to those who lost their lives in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on 1st January. The appeal for “JTU Solidarity Towards Recovery and Reconstruction from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake” was proposed and unanimously adopted.


In his opening address, Tsukasa Takimoto, JTU President, referenced an article in a journal published by one of the affiliates affected by the earthquake. It stated, “the origins of unions are organisations of colleagues who came together to solve workplace issues through the power of unity,” prompting a call for actions in solidarity to support our colleagues.


The progress report highlighted the JTU’s initiative to eliminate long working hours for teachers and education support personnel. Approximately 700,000 petitions were collected from educators, and on 13th March, they were submitted to the Central Council for Education and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. It was reaffirmed that JTU will continue to collaborate with affiliates and strengthen efforts to ensure a sustainable and quality education environment and the well-being of educators.


Regarding actions on peace, human rights, environment, and coexistence, JTU decided to continually urge the government to take concrete steps towards a peaceful diplomatic resolution and ceasefire regarding Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, given escalating tensions worldwide, such as conflicts between Israel and Hamas, it was emphasized that human rights can be protected and education can thrive only under peace. The JTU’s peace resolution, “Never send our students back to the battlefield,” dating back to its founding, was reaffirmed.


At the conclusion of the conference, the 2024-2025 JTU officers were elected, with Takashi Kajiwara newly appointed as JTU President.