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The 70th National Conference on Educational Research





Japan Teachers’ Union virtually hosted the 70th National Conference on Educational Research (NCER)on Saturday 23 January 2021. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, only the plenary was organised online, though normally the breakout sessions with educational reports were also arranged. In the plenary, Keynote Speech, Symposium among others were taken place with a wide range of online viewers from all over Japan.

In the opening remarks by President Hideyuki Shimizu, he mentioned “Whenever and wherever we always have risks to be hit by natural disasters. During the last New Year holidays, heavy snowfall had blanketed wide areas of Japan since several decades. Like this, sometimes even our lives are threatened by natural disasters. Twenty-six (26) years have passed since Great Hansin Earthquake and ten (10) years have passed since Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident, but the realities of reconstruction and restoration of those disaster areas are still challenging. We should not forget the lessons from their experiences and need to continue education for disaster prevention and mitigation across the country”. Also, he addressed “Due to Covid-19, teachers and school workers have been facing a lot of challenges to take care of children and teach them while responding emergent requirements. Indeed, we have difficulties, but now is the time to stand up together sharing our wisdom and good practices to secure quality education and wellbeing for all children. Our educational research is the key”. It was concluded reconfirming the importance of educational research in succession and expressing appreciation for the great efforts JTU members have been done for the last 70 years.

After the opening ceremony, a fascinated photojournalist, Ms. Mitsuki Yasuda was invited for the Keynote Speech themed “Children in Conflict and Disaster Areas Shown in Photos”.

Then, the Symposium on “Covid-19 Pandemic and Children, School and Society” was organised. The coordinator was Mr. Minoru Sawada, Sophia University, and panelists were representing students, parents, teachers, and researchers, respectively. They discussed school situations during the pandemic and school education in the future while sharing their experiences.

Before conclusion of the NCER, a resolution on quality education for all children was adopted.