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World Education Support Personnel Day!



May 16th is the World Education Support Personnel Day.

There are many educational professionals who support students and teachers. They play essential roles in schools to ensure students are fed, transported, healthy, supported, safe, and connected. Their work is crucial for the quality education systems.

JTU has been organising various educational professionals in school, such as clerical and administrative workers, custodians, nutrition teachers, nursery teachers, school librarians and assistant teachers. Each profession has specific committees to discuss their own agendas as well as union issues and organise research assemblies every summer to share their experience, troubles, and good practices at school.

Over the last years, many educational professionals have been suffering from longer working hours, work related stress, budget cut, precarious job contract, outsourcing among others. Their decent working conditions, stability of work, status and rights are our priorities, and we regularly have consultations and negotiations with the authorities including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and prefectural and municipal boards of education to raise the issues and improve the situations.

Covid-19 brought us significant challenges and forced us to change our lifestyle. However, it also reminds us of the essential school roles as a hub of community. School is a big team which cannot work without education support personnel. Cooperation, collaboration and solidarity at school are becoming more and more important to tackle challenges. Let us work hand in hand to make a better and brighter future and quality education for all. Happy World Education Support Personnel Day!