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Can you work till the retirement age? ~Survey by the Youth Dept.


The Youth Department of Japan Teachers’ Union carried out ‘Survey on Working Circumstances’.

1.The number of respondents 4857 members of the Youth Dept. of affiliated unions(50unions/77)
【Respondents by schools】
kindergarten 13 elementary school 2802  junir high school 1237  high school 492  special needs education 292  others 21  total 4857

2.The results
(1)Is it possible to work till the retirement age if you work in the present circumstances?
The number of respondents 3934
①Yes   ・・・530 (13%)
②No ・・・2462 (63%)
③I don’t know   ・・・942 (24%)

(2)Please choose the reason(s) if you think No.

➀There are too many the number of classes and the relevant business. 1767
➁I cannot hold it physically. 1130
➂I cannot take holiday and do not have enough time to refresh myself and spend with family. 1057
➃I have difficulties in cooperation with parents and student counseling. 638
➄Salary scheme and working conditions should be improved. 620
➅Too much efforts are needed for extra curricular club activities. 562
➆The ideas of collaboration and co-work are not shared enough at schools. 301
➇I was harrassed/witnessed harrassment by principals and colleagues. 95

Last year, JTU had the same survey and 3339 replies. Then, Yes was 47%. This means more young teachers think it is impossble to work till the retirememt age.

JTU analyzed the results and made recommendations so that young teachers are able to work till the retirement age.
— It is necessary to improve working conditions and salary scheme including taking paid holiday as they need, decreasing the number of classes per teacher and increasing the number of special subjests (e.g. music, art, family economy) teachers, school counselors and school social workers.
— The diverse ways of work according to ages are required.
— As to extra curricular club activities, new system should be introduced such as off-days and external coaches.
— Understanding among colleagues should be shared including teaching profession allocated one or two at each school and contract teachers.
— Schools need to improve measures against mental health issues.

JTU has carried out ‘Turn the tide! Labor Reform at Schools’ campaign to ensure teachers spend their own time and children quality education.