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Mr. Ryosuke Kato appointed as the new President of JTU


JTU hosted the 100th Temporary Convention on Thursday, March 22 at Nihon Kyouiku Kaikan (Japan Education Center).

The JTU President Nakamura gave an address at the event. He commented, "One year has passed since the March 11 East Japan Earthquake and Disaster. A sense of mortification has repeatedly overwhelmed me. I have heard that many of you JTU members have participated in volunteer programs organized by RENGO, as well as educational ones exclusively hosted by JTU and by the prefectural unions of JTU affiliates. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you. We JTU will continue with our ongoing efforts to support disaster victims based on our nationwide solidarity-based network to the fullest in order for children in Japan to regain their peaceful life." He added, "What is needed now are sense of fairness and equality, sense of mutuality and sense of human rights, and we believe that these are the qualities that will enrich the society as a whole. As this ethics is incorporated in JTU’s slogan "Peace, human rights, environment and mutuality," we have made state-of-the-art efforts in contributing to the world of education. I am certain that our organization has established solid directions for education policies that are to evolve in the near future. I would place much expectations on how the efforts we have put into will be reflected in educational practice."

At the Convention, JTU’s policies and activities in various areas such as the following were confirmed: the realization of Japanese Constitution and Convention on the Rights of the Child, the reform of education system, the reform of the National Public Service System, the materialization of shortening working hours, reducing overtime work and work-life balance, and the establishment of child safety/right to health. In the debate, efforts in providing scholarships to children with financial difficulty caused by the earthquake and disaster and the necessity for improving benefits of temporary teaching professionals were also addressed.

Moreover, reelection of the Central Executive Committee members was conducted at the Convention. A new Central Executive Committee was formed, where Mr. Ryosuke KATO was appointed as the new President and Mr. Yasunaga OKAMOTO the new Secretary-General.